Sheboygan Performing Arts (SPA)

 is a collaborative association of performance-based organizations in Sheboygan County.

SPA's mission is to promote the performing arts and the vital role they play in our community's culture, economy, and quality of life.

SPA is a portal to the many unique performing arts opportunities in Sheboygan County. Visit our Calendar page to see all performing arts events in one place. Visit the websites of our members for more information about each organization. 

Community Resources

1420 am The Breeze
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SPA is a collaboration, an organization of organizations. Without our members, we would not exist. We strive to support one another, work together, share resources and information, and most of all we have a passion for the performing arts  and their impact on the lives of all those who participate and enjoy. If your organization presents or produces performing arts in Sheboygan County, and you'd like more information on becoming a member, please contact us using the link above.

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Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce
Sponsor of the Sheboygan Performing Arts

Destination Kohler

A Kohler Co. website that promotes the family of Kohler businesses and the Village of Kohler.

Sheboygan Tourism
City of Sheboygan's Tourism Website

The Sheboygan Visual Artists
SVA is a growing network of visual artists and supporters that enriches the community through the visual arts.
The Tourism Alliance of Sheboygan County.

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The Sounder (Random Lake)

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Sheboygan Area Dining & Hotels

Sheboygan Performing Arts

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